Barry Salzman is celebrating his fiftieth year practicing law. Mr. Salzman’s career has included stints as a workers’ compensation judge, as an adjunct professor and in private practice for a few years before beginning his own practice in 1997.

Mr. Salzman has extensive experience in the courtroom handling personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security disability claims and many other areas of litigation, including appeals.
Needless to say, he has handled thousands of cases, navigated through hundreds of legal and professional situations and experienced dozens of changes in technology along the way.

” I started realizing that computers were the wave of the future and certainly had a lot of promise for the way we practiced law “

While working with other law firms throughout the years, Mr. Salzman became interested in software that could respond to the specific needs of multi-practice organizations. He knew that he really needed some kind of practice management or database program to organize the firm.

Mr. Salzman remembers finding multiple products that “forced you into doing things the way the program designer thought it ought to be done.”

Sometime in 2000, a few years after starting his own firm, he discovered Time Matters® case, calendaring and document management software.

“Now I can do what I want, how I want.”

” Time Matters really impressed me because it gave great flexibility into how you design the database to suit your practice “

Each practice area within Mr. Salzman’s firm requires specific documentation and processes. From the beginning, Mr. Salzman knew he would need technology that was flexible and customizable and Time Matters delivered on those needs.

Time Matters has standard fields that can be tailored to fit the exact needs of each case, or type of case. Users have the option to simply change out the field and rename the forms for future use. Once the form is created, it captures the data needed for each type of case.

For his own practice, Mr. Salzman tailors forms for workers’ compensation cases one way, Social Security cases another way, and creates additional customizations for veterans’ or personal injury cases.

” To put it very simply, I don’t know that I would want to practice law without Time Matters. The time savings is incalculable “

Having practiced law for fifty years, Mr. Salzman remembers the days before electronic data.

“Somebody would call and want to know what’s going on their case, and you’d have to put them on hold and ask the assistant ‘where’s the file,’ then tell the client ‘well, we can’t find the file right now, but we’ll get to it.’”

Today his firm scans everything that comes into the office and it’s all easily accessible so he can respond to clients in a very short time frame.

His firm began with Time Matters 3 and is currently using the latest version, Time Matters 16. Throughout the progression, he has experienced very few hiccups with upgrades or using the new tools each time.

“There hasn’t been a problem we couldn’t work out with support in some way.”

The fact that Time Matters works seamlessly with other software his firm uses is of great benefit to Mr. Salzman as well. That includes the ability to create chains and triggers for his Social Security cases and work with veterans.

“Without all of these systems, the time it would take to do these tasks would be enormous.”

” Time Matters is a large time saver, and when you are saving time and effort, you are also saving money “

Mr. Salzman uses the automated workflows in Time Matters every day and believes they’re a critical component to preventing malpractice risk. The system allows you to create a due date and then create milestone dates and reminders along that time span.

The reminders help him make sure he has enough time to prevent missing deadlines and is always prepared, “so that you’re not left hanging and there’s no time to complete the tasks.”

Mr. Salzman has also set up workflows to help remind him of when to contact clients after sending them requests. As he sends the letter, he creates an entry that notes when a response is due so he will get a reminder.

” All of the automation is very essential to keeping on top of matters and staying out of court “

As an attorney with a multi-practice firm, having systems that are flexible is critical to Mr. Salzman. The fact that Time Matters allows him to develop documents that work for all the specific needs of his clients has kept him a fan of the program. He acknowledges that this flexibility has contributed to the success and longevity of his firm.

“Time Matters is an important part of building a law practice,” Mr. Salzman concluded. “You need a system that allows you to practice in an efficient manner and get things done without too much expense.”